About Us

Creative Gorillas – a professional digital agency based in Auckland, New Zealand. It was founded by Sajan Sharma in the year of 2013. When he needed his own website for a project that he was working on, he found other developers were either not up to the mark or far too expensive. After countless hours of research, development, losing sleep he was able to teach himself how to make a website to his needs.

Developing websites quickly turned into a passion, and it wasn’t too long before he began getting a lot of praise and attention from the community for his work. Sajan understood the struggles that SME’s go through when they are on a tight budget and looking for quality work that will allow them to grow and strive in the digital world. It was then he decided to do something about it.

Welcome Creative Gorillas to the world! Sajan founded this business with the intention of helping SME’s develop a strong ground work to help them succeed in the digital world. Assisting business from various industries with all sorts of digital requirements, we now have over 3 years’ experience, producing quality results and helping businesses grow and thrive!

Whether you have an idea or a requirement, contact our gorillas today for a chat